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Documentaries & TV shows about Ray
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1963 Creative Artists of India: Satyajit Ray (BD Garga for Films Division, India)    
1968 Creative persons: Satyajit Ray (Janes Beveridge for W-NET Educational TV)    
1969 Late night line-up: An interview with Satyajit Ray (BBC Television, UK)    
1978 South Bank Show: Satyajit Ray (Melvyn Bragg for London Weekend Television, UK)    
1983 The Music of Satyajit Ray (Utpalendu Chakravarti for NFDC, India)    
1984 Satyajit Ray: Portrait of a Director (Zia Mohyeddin for Central Television, UK)    
1984 Satyajit Ray (Shyam Benegal for Films Division, India, full length)    
1988 Omnibus: The Cinema of Satyajit Ray (Adam Low for BBC, UK, 1 hr)    
1990 Satyajit Ray-Introspections (Museum of Modern Art. A video about Satyajit Ray and his filmmaking)
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Satyajit Ray
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